Most of the times you need to check your bank balance especially if you are a Businessman, Freelance or Blogger. Many of you go for a nearby ATM or use Internet Banking. What if there is no ATM and Internet Connection around and you urgently need to check balance? 

Here is a trick introduced by ICICI Bank for their loyal customers to check bank balance through mobile instantly. This unique technique can let you to check realtime account balance within seconds. It can be useful for people who live in villages or other backward areas from where ATMs and Banks are pretty far. So what you waiting for just follow the instruction and check your ICICI Bank balance now:

Note: From which you are sending SMS must be a registered Mobile number for your ICICI account. Otherwise this technique won’t work. To register your current mobile just walk in to your nearby ATM and register the number. It can take 2-3 days to process your number.

Simply type : IBAL from the registered mobile number and send to 5676766


Type IBAL in Caps only. You will get your current account balance after some seconds. Hope you liked this simple but useful trick. 

Note: This is for ICICI bank users only. There are different numbers for other bank. We will post about them shortly.